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Consolidation Services

Don't have the time to get off the island? Know what you need and just need someone to get it for you?  We can help...


Ship your Amazon orders to us and we will have them organized and shipped down to you.  

Need to have something picked up curbside?  We can do that too!  


Have a shopping list?  We love to Shop!

Want to check it out in person?  We can video chat.

BBB .png

Forgot that one thing?  Don't worry.... We didn't.

You relax, let us do the rest.


A Squared Cayman has no affiliation with any of the brands listed above and shopping is not limited to these stores.  For inquiries to all your shopping needs, please contact

This service is available to all A Squared Away Cayman clients.  There is an hourly rate of $75CI. Additional fees are applied for handling and packaging.  The client is responsible for call ocean freight charges, duties and clearance into the Cayman Islands.

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