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A Squared Away Cayman was created with a passion from people that live the island life and understand the difficulties of acquiring beautiful decor for our homes.  

Away Cayman offers everything you need for your home.  We have shopped the best brands, style and quality and are bringing everything to your home.  

Our team will arrange everything for you.  Just select what you would like and we will take care of getting everything to Grand Cayman.  

We offer everything for indoors and outdoors, including smallwares for your kitchen, linens for the bedrooms and even flat screen TV's. It's all a part of the Away Cayman program. 



Do you provide International delivery?


Yes, your freight to Grand Cayman is included in your price.  We will ship everything to the island and even clear it.


Do you offer installation?

Yes, on top of the freight being included, for a small fee, we will deliver and install everything in your home.



What is your returns policy?


We only accept returns if there is a factory defect.   

How do I track my order?


Your order can be tracked through your account details on this site.


How can I contact your couriers?


You can contact the Away Cayman team to answer any questions about your order.


What are your delivery options?


You have the option of picking up your order at the port after clearance or you can opt to pay a small fee to have the order delivered direct to your home.


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