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This is our most popular package that is completely customizable to your style. Our team will design your spaces and its complimentary with purchase of our furniture. 


We specialize in designing custom furniture packages for living rooms in rental communities or Airbnbs. Our packages include everything you need to furnish a living room, from stylish and comfortable seating to eye-catching decor. We strive to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests to enjoy their stay.


We provide custom furniture packages for dining rooms in rental community or Airbnb spaces. Our packages are designed to be both stylish and durable, allowing you to maximize the value you get out of your investment. 

Modernity Queen Bed.png

Our custom furniture packages are perfect for rental communities or Airbnbs. Our bedroom packages include everything you need to furnish a bedroom, from mattresses to nightstands, and are all tailored to fit your specific needs. We guarantee that our furniture packages will provide a comfortable and stylish atmosphere for your guests.

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