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This is our luxury package that is completely curated to your style.

Our team will design your bespoke pieces and hand place them with our all-inclusive white-glove service. 

Start your journey with a customized living space and have your personality shine through with exquisite fabrics or leathers and beautiful wood and metal finishes.  Our team of experts will guide you through an experience you will never forget and you get to enjoy your one-of-a-kind space to share with your friends and loved ones.

A Squared Curated 2.jpg

Jazz King Bed Collection

 - Available in several fabric and metal options, shown with complimentary bench, bedside tables and mirror.

A Squared Curated 9.jpg

Pillow Headboard

 - Attached pillow headboards are a great way to add style to your bed.  Match your bedside tables and add a Himalayan Area Rug for your fee to enjoy.

A Squared Curated 10.jpg

Float to Sleep....

 - float yourself to sleep every night in style, if you can dream it...

Life Bed

 - this beautiful velvet bed with a contrast piping brings a modern flair to your bedroom with elegant marble side tables.

A Squared Curated 13.jpg
A Squared Curated 11.jpg

Tufting is always a style that is beautiful and decorative in any space.  This floating bed is with a unqiue Belgium linen and deep tufting throughout.

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