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The Summary Wall Décor is equative to good art. Art should make you feel something, even when the subject is abstract like the black, white, and grey rectangles featured here. Its tall height and textured surface will add a new dynamic to your room.



  • 28"W x 1"D x 55"H
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Wood Stretchers

  • Canvas
  • Canvas
  • High-quality, multicolored acrylic paint.
  • The larger-than-life Elephant Herd Wall Décor will have you booking your next trip to the safari. A herd of elephants in their natural dusty environment stomp towards you as you peer back at them. This wall art will take center stage in your home.
  • A light canvas frame makes for easy hanging.
  • Helps achieve a contemporary modern look in your home.

    Product availability will be confirmed upon order placement.


SKU: RE-1199-37
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